Who is…? The Coronel Mostaza

Who is…? The Coronel Mostaza

Xavier Losada

I usually get asked where I get the ideas for the recipes of each beer. Since there aren’t many that I’ve designed this far, it won’t be difficult to unravel the process. I’ve always liked to conceptualize things and, although an idea on a paper lacks value until it’s carried out, I consider it one of the most important stages of any creative process.

From a chronological-logical point of view, I’ll start with Coronel Mostaza.

The Colonel is an IPA with mustard seeds, maltose, and moderate bitterness.

By 1994, I would’ve played a couple of times The Legend of Kyrandia 2 in the Atari 1040. From that time I remember having spent countless hours in front of the monitor, however, from that game I remember very little. What I still keep in mind is that at some point you had to get mustard to prepare a potion. For some strange reason, in my head, there was the impression that mustard could generate as much passion as honey, cocoa, or coffee and that at some point I would have the opportunity to explore it. Without becoming a special passionate about the grain, the idea remained in a protected box and without much evolution. 22 years later, when I saw the opportunity to design my first beer recipe, I already knew that there were virtually no beers with mustard. It had been a few months to taste, buy and sell liquid gold (and oil too) from around the world, and I wanted to start returning to the wanderings associated with production. The backstage has always fascinated me, wandering around a stage, being behind the bar, in the factory, in short, the side from which the magic is projected.

Organoleptically I find that mustard in grain has important meeting points with hops, so the first decision wasn’t difficult, it would be an IPA. It would only be necessary to define which hops and malts. So I started testing and BOOM, indeed, the perfect match. For being the first beer I designed, and despite having a good idea of ​​raw materials and process from the Polar experience, I still worked with rather vague references, so a good brewmaster was crucial to finish shaping the idea and run it. By pure luck, I hit the first one with Bob Maltman. I know excellent brewer masters and without a doubt, Bob’s in the top of my ranking, and he’s the best brewer he knows to date. Not only is he our ally today but he has given us the confidence to develop our portfolio in his facilities, as well as becoming one of our great friends.

Regarding the name, my initial idea was something like Bee Mustard. When I got home with the idea and told them to my spouse (wife/partner) and eldest daughter (community manager) the latter said lapidary: Obviously, his name is Colonel Mustard, right ?.

Okay, yes.

The design was carried out by Jesús Cáceres who, as usual, beats bestially with each image he develops for us.



Coronel Mostaza The Coronel Mostaza pulverized the mustard and ordered it to be added. As he presumed, it enhanced the fruit aroma hidden in Cascade hops. He checked the alcohol measurements, yeast dosage, barley malt, and cane sugar. They adapted the ship for their departure. Once out of orbit, surrounded by ingravity, he took a sip of his creation. Its spatial bitterness and maltiness enveloped the sensation of sweetness and imperial body. He looked at the earth and he knew it. The goal of commanding the return had arrived.

 [ BEE BEER Coronel Mostaza – Imperial IPA w/Mustard Seeds. Cascade hops • ABV 8% • IBU 65 ]



Join Coronel Mostaza on his exorbitant trips to save planet earth. Filled with hops, mustard seeds, and its imperial countenance, it appears bitter and heroic at every opportunity. Rock Classics, Led Zeppelin, Jimi Hendrix, The Who, David Bowie, The Beatles, Them, Steppenwolf.
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