Sweet Bee Pairings! Desserts with Craft Beer?

We try to make the best pairings with Craft Beer, celebrating any occasion with it! And Dessert Day, as you might expect, couldn’t be the exception.


Imagine, you have a special dinner and you’re looking for the perfect pairing for your favorite dessert, what’s the first thing you consider? A craft beer? no? Well, it should be! The pairing of craft beer and desserts could be a culinary wonder, looking for the contrast and balance between elements and nuances can allow them to potentiate each other, therefore getting a more intense and pleasant taste.


We know it firsthand, we’ve done a few pairings ourselves!


Of course we’ve made the classic dark beer & chocolate. This may be the simplest and best known pairing, who hasn’t enjoyed a Stout or Porter with a slice of chocolate cake or brownies?




But don’t believe that chocolate is exclusive to black beer. In our #BeeLove Tasting we tasted 5 different Craft Beers, some softer, bitter, toasted and, why not, black, with 5 completely different Chocolates, both in their presentations and flavor.



But not everything is chocolate and sweets, we’ve also tried the more traditional & festive options such as fruits (in this case some berries) & the typical spanish holiday roscón.





Still, there are many other sweet pairings, some more obvious than others and all very interesting to combine with craft beers. We want to keep trying many more, how about you? Let us know in our social media, which Craft Beer pairing would you like to try?

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