Travel to Egipt without leaving Madrid!

Travel to Egipt without leaving Madrid!

What’s a better plan than to visit Egypt while drinking a Craft Beer? You can do it from our Bee Beer Debod terrace!

Just steps from our new Bee Beer on Calle Ferraz 10, we have an iconic 2,200-year-old Egyptian symbol, the Temple of Debod. We know that it was a sign of thanks from the Egyptian Government to the Spanish State, but what were they being thankful for?

Egypt, in the middle of the 20th century, decided to build the imposing Aswan dam, in the south of the country, to end the feared cyclical flooding of the Nile river. However, this great reservoir would cause all the historical heritage of that area to be flooded. Therefore, it was decided to completely dismantle, move, and rebuild several monuments and temples in another location. Several countries collaborated as it was a huge and very expensive job, in addition to the universal nature of heritage.

To Spain, as a sign of gratitude for being one of the contributing countries, the Egyptian Government decided to give them the Temple of Debod. This old building made up of huge blocks of sandstone was dismantled and transferred by the Nile to the city of Alexandria, on the shores of the Mediterranean, towards the port of Valencia. From there, the big stones had one last road trip to reach Madrid.

Upon reaching their final destination, the reconstruction is said to have been like that of a giant puzzle. A slow and complicated task, in which they did not have all the pieces or did not know exactly how to place them. It was in 1972 when the reconstruction was inaugurated and Spain obtained, in the very center of its capital, a temple of the last Pharaonic dynasty that reigned in Egypt!

And now we can enjoy it from the comfort of our terrace, with Craft Beer in clear hand!


Source: “El templo de Debod, del Nilo al centro de Madrid”, La Vanguardia | 2020   [POST]


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