Who is…? Agente 99

Who is…? Agente 99

Xavier Losada


Some recipes come from ingredients that I try, and that surprise me with all the possibilities I imagine it could have as a beer, others come with dishes whose concept, applied in their own way to the liquid, transport me. Other times they are stories that I keep in a drawer inside my head, waiting to be expressed in some way, but many other times it’s other beers that inspire to create something of their own, and yes, different.

This is the case of Agente 99. For many months in Bee Beer Chueca was Brasserie Lefebvre’s BarBar, a delicious Honey Ale with coriander and orange peel from Curaçao. Given our name and “brand identity”, it was only a matter of time before we needed our own Honey Ale. One of the main changes, to give it Bee Beer’s personality was replacing coriander with another herb. In order not to go too far into the tests, thyme can be very invasive, I don’t consider oregano to work very well in the matrix, applied to beer, of honey / malt / orange; tarragon can be interesting for some variation of the recipe, although it greatly complicates the organoleptic experience. In the end, basil gives it a clear freshness and blends perfectly with the bitterness and aroma of the orange peel (from Valencia, obviously). On paper, a perfect juice, orange, honey and a touch of basil. As a beer, delicious. In the case of Agente 99, the dosage of honey is decreased to achieve that the tred aromas and flavors are nuanced. Low bitterness and a touch of maltiness to support the honey flavor.


Simple. To keep a “hidden” tribute to Barbar, who better than BarbarA Feldon representing Agente 99, solving crimes with a soundtrack of jazz and easy listening in the background.



Agente 99 “I’m Agent 99 and I bring a message for everyone, forget what happened for now, raise your glass and drink. Honey. Orange. Basil. Drink to live. Live to understand.” The agent raised her beer, took a sweet sip with the entire crew, slowly closed her eyes and prepared herself to deliver the message.

[ BEE BEER Agente 99 – Honey Ale • ABV 8% • IBU 20 ]



Perfect Nostalgia, that’s how she defines her taste for music while fighting crime. Honey, honey … Jazz, Bebop, Gypsy Jazz. Mancini, Miles Davis, Django Reinhardt, Esquivel, Coltrane, Louis Armstrong, Ray Charles, Fats Domino, Bobby Darin, Duke Ellington.


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