Who is…? KiraKira

Who is…? KiraKira

Xavier Losada


I remember some tests while being in Polar in which they gave us to try a batch of Pilsen with 7% alcohol. It was still little what I knew about this beer variety. The body of that lager turned my world upside down. It had the cleanliness of a good blonde, with intense body and at a level where the hops continued to look fine. At that time, I knew that I wanted to make beer with alcohol above 6%. For those who are acquainted with our portfolio, you know that the average of our Bee Brews is approx. 8%.

The opportunity to make our first lager came from meeting Miguel de Vega (Doki Doki) ​​and asking us for a recipe that would pair with his new project on Caracas street (yes, life is always in charge of reminding you of where you come from): Kira Kira, a Japanese restaurant in an emblematic place for having been one of the first Japos in Madrid (the coincidences of life made it possible that, in parallel, for other reasons, I met the owner of that other mythical restaurant, but that’s another story)

Yuzu, lemongrass, ginger, wasabi, sesame, Sichuan pepper, nori … For me, Japanese food is about pure, clean, delicate flavors, that is why I pointed directly to the style of beer being Lager. After doing some tests with different spices everything pointed to the use of wasabi, on the one hand, its use in beers is not widespread (points in its favor for Bee Beer), on the other hand, it does not invade the main organoleptic characteristics of the lager: freshness, Sulfur note, fine bitterness, slightly malt and finally works as a perfect bridge between beer and food. In the correct concentration, it doesn’t add itch to the beer, only aroma, and a slightly sweet and fresh flavor. Ideal to take a drink between each bite.

For the production, Miguel was in charge of providing the 100% natural wasabi and Bob Maltman ensured, as always, the Lager base.

The result, a Wasabi Lager with, obviously, 7% alcohol and 20 IBU’s, in addition to an experience that taught us to look for different additional methods that weren’t so similar to launching a mustard gas pump in the factory.



KiraKira Bee Beer Wasabi Lager is the result of a collaboration between Bee Beer and Kirakira. Our signature recipes along with their delicate Japanese dishes provide the perfect harmony.

  [ BEE BEER KiraKira – Wasabi Lager • ABV 7% • IBU 20 ]


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