Who is…? Lady Açaí

Xavier Losada


The Bee Beer catalog has always been a balance between observing the behavior and taste of our customers vs. differentiation with what we are tasting in the offer of other breweries (i.e. innovation). As I have been commenting in other recipes, the Alcohol percentage has been decisive in each beer (tending towards> 7%), even so, Marlene, my other half of the business and wife, had been raising the flag that we develop a Bee Beer with less alcohol, for other profiles and consumption occasions. As is often the case, she was right. Thus our Lady was born. Although she started out as Miss.

It started as an idea of ​​collaboration with one of our suppliers that’s dedicated to superfoods and organic consumables (Pablo). We did tests with chia, maca, sesame, açaí, flaxseed … from which several recipe ideas arose (among them Madame Sesame, which we’ll talk about later) however, in parallel I was doing tests with strawberries and looking for how to incorporate them in a different in ale and when tasting the açaí, it was clear to me. The açaí has ​​bitter flavors and notes that remind me of green tea with a touch of dried fruit, while the strawberry contributes a good part of what this berry would have in our mental ideology, either because of the color or the shape: a point of acidity. and sweetness. Strawberry, açaí = almost a bowl, a little barley, and honey, that’s it. With the Hefeweizen yeast we could give the banana note that would continue to add to the bowl, however, in parallel, our first Weizenbock was being born, so we kept the original yeast and thus we have a version 2.0 of the recipe up our sleeve. In short, we would make a bowl, a light bowl of açaí with strawberry and honey.

The name went through Miss, Mrs, Lady, Miss … In the end, the connection with the Beatles (who’ve been with us in our playlists from the beginning) and the safety of Mirari when defending the Lady at a family dinner did their work.

Our Lady Açaí is a dreamer who often rides a bicycle around the city with her pasta glasses made by a local artisan…


Lady Açaí It goes on asphalt. Every green shortcut that she finds, she cycles, observing the trees and enjoying the brush of the breeze on her hair. However, she does not stop looking for an explanation for the call she received. She stops to get his bowl of açaí, barley, strawberry, and honey to start the day. She’d heard that voice before. From the first tablespoon. Too particular not to remember it. Creamy. Refreshing. Balanced and delicious. She smiles when she realizes a detail that she had overlooked. She knew it.

[ BEE BEER Lady Açaí – Honey Ale w/ Açaí & Strawberries • ABV 5.5% • IBU 18 ]⁠



Pedaling between concrete and trees thinking and listening to the B side of life. Beatles, Bowie, Air, Tame Impala, Fleet Foxes, Vampire Weekend, Kurt Vile, James, Traffik Island, Weezer, Radiohead.


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