Who is…? Ming Mandarin

Who is…? Ming Mandarin

Xavier Losada


It started as a possible collaboration between Tuk Tuk and Bee Beer that after the design stage could not advance due to pre-acquired commercial commitments (without any resentment to Mahou/San Miguel, I come from that school and I value and respect it). However, the experience of trying their Asian Street Food with Ric, Dani (who has supported and been part of the Bee Beer family), and Oli was very enriching, to the point of ending up inspiring the creation of a Bee Beer character after the project will be shelved for a few months.

That’s right, it’s the perfect pairing between beer and Southeast Asian street food. Red rice softens the body of the beer, gives it notes of dried fruit and a slightly reddish color; the mandarin works as a perfect bridge towards essential flavors in these dishes such as coriander, lemongrass, ginger, curries; and the residual sugars in the malt help clean and neutralize the heat after each drink. To cut the fat off the dishes and keep the beer light, we bring it to 8% alcohol. A bit of Cascade hops to elevate the citrus notes and add a floral touch to complement the tangerine and you’re done.

Our Miraculous Mandarin goes by the name Ming and is a lover of proto-punk, punk, and its derivatives.

To BeeBeer!


Ming Mandarín She had already completely seized the “Silk Road”. The red rice and the tangerine would open up new horizons. She ordered her troops to create the largest empire that has ever been seen. They raised all their weapons and exclaimed in unison, “Ming! Ming! Wake up!” Her brother pulled her from her most longed-for dream in one go.

[ BEE BEER Ming Mandarín – Tangerine Red Rice Ale • ABV 8% • IBU 2o ]



Pedaling between concrete and trees thinking and listening to the B side of life. Beatles, Bowie, Air, Tame Impala, Fleet Foxes, Vampire Weekend, Kurt Vile, James, Traffik Island, Weezer, Radiohead.


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