Who is…? Capitan Pistacho

Who is…? Capitan Pistacho

Xavier Losada


It’s a triangle that defines a part of my transition between childhood and adolescence. A transformation that’s tragically comedic. It is not difficult to imagine Captain Haddock feeling disappointed to see his shipment of pistachios and beer, set on fire and then flooded in his cellar, nor see him taking a sip and then being surprised and enjoying the fortuitous and magnificent result while, in the background, we listen to Tom Waits reflecting (played by the pirate LeChuck, obviously) and ‘Los Fabulosos Cadillacs’ forgetting.

My fondness for baklava (especially pistachios), the recurrence of peanut used in stouts, and the myriad misunderstood versions of Salted Caramel put-your-favorite-drink-here is the organoleptic conceptual triangle of Capitán Pistacho. When I design or give a concept to an idea, I usually work with geometric figures or drawings that allow me to visualize loose or weak points in the possible final result (I apply this to music and beer as well)

In short, hours in front of 386, Tin Tin, and late nights with Black Rider in the background, nothing that the Pirates of the Caribbean saga has not been able to rescue and repack after a few years. This is my version, my reinterpretation of the convergence of those worlds in liquid, foam, salt, pistachio, and a touch of vaudeville… or rather vaudemer.

To Bee Beer!


Capitán Pistacho He went down to the cellar remembering the flames, the cracking of the wood, and the screams. The shipment of pistachio and beer for months had been lost. He was now captain of a half-burned ship and a flooded warehouse. He sat on the stairs, sinking his feet in the sea, beer, pistachio, and wood. He dipped his hand and took a sip. “A thousand thunders” he exclaimed.

[ BEE BEER Capitán Pistacho – Salty Pistachio Stout • ABV 8.5% • IBU 30 ]



While sailing in search of fortune, his crew drinks beer and eats pistachios… and of course, he sings too. Leonard Cohen, Fabulous Cadillacs, Los Rodríguez, Bunbury, Tom Waits. Marine Vaudeville.


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