Smashing 7 Beer Myths!

Smashing 7 Beer Myths!

While true Craft Beer lovers know the truth behind most of these, there are still many misconceptions about our favorite beverage. We’re here to debunk some of the best-known beer myths:


Myth # 1. Beer should be served as cold as possible.

No! As you may have noticed at our #BeeBeer bars, while we do serve our beers cold, they’re usually at a temperature between 7.7 & 10 ° C. We do this so you can taste all the special characteristics the beer has, especially because it loses its aromas when it’s very cold.

Of course, this depends on the style, but some have rules like “darker, warmer.” The truth’s that if you really want to taste the beer, you shouldn’t feel an almost frozen liquid in your mouth.

Myth # 2. Leaving beer uncooled ruins it.

The real enemy of beer is light, not temperature. If you leave bottled beer in the sun, a chemical reaction occurs that releases some sulfur compounds found in hops. The smell can be unpleasant, and the best way to avoid this is by storing the beer in a dark place.

Myth # 3. Beer makes you fat.

In 2011, after reviewing 31 studies, researchers concluded that only heavy drinking results in weight gain. Contrary to what people believe, beer has a low-calorie content. A regular 330ml beer has the same carbohydrate load as a glass of wine and, according to a 2009 study, only contains 2.5g of fiber derived from barley. That means drinking a beer is equivalent to eating a slice of white bread.

Goodbye to the myth of the beer belly!

Myth # 4. Ale-style beers are darker than lagers.

The difference between Lagers and Ales is yeast, the color is due to the malt. Ales are based on low fermentation and the proliferation of yeast at low temperatures; Lagers, in top fermentation and in the production of the esters responsible for the complex and robust flavors.

Myth # 5. Dark beers have more alcohol than clear beers.

As in the previous point, there is no relationship!

Myth # 6. Bottled beer’s better than canned beer.

Not at all! While at some point it was true that cans gave beers a metallic taste, different chemical processes prevent this from happening now. Also, cans prevent the passage of light, in addition to being easier to recycle.

Myth # 7. Yeast sediment means ruined beer.

While most beers have some form of yeast sediment, the majority of people never taste it if the particles are visible. Yeast has a fade rate, once it runs out of food it begins to die, and it sits at the bottom of the fermenters. Usually, it’s used again!

Before bottling, the yeast left floating in the beer may be filtered. However, many brewers, especially Craft Beer ones, like to leave it like that. And it eventually ends up at the bottom of the bottle. Since most do not like to drink the yeast, they avoid giving it the last drink. If you’re one of them, next time you find yourself staring at that last bit of your Craft Beer, Give it a try!


Now that you’re the savviest Beer Lover, go put your knowledge to action. Let’s BeeBeer!


Source: “9 mitos sobre la cerveza que hay que erradicar definitivamente”, The Beer Times| 2020   [POST]
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