Meet the #BeeTeam: Denis Rodríguez!

Meet the #BeeTeam: Denis Rodríguez!

At #BeeBeer, as our #BeeFriends will have noticed when coming through our bars, we have an incredible, committed, and responsible team. Together we’ve worked these years to share our Craft Beer passion with you.

One of the first members of the #BeeTeam was Denis Rodriguez, who has been a great ally for four years. To get to know him better, we have asked him some questions:

Which Bee Beer character or beer do you identify with the most?

Stouts are my favorite beers, so identifying with Capitán Pistacho is inevitable. Its toasted notes, coffee, chocolate, and of course, the touch of pistachio make it the ideal drink at any time.

Why that character?

As Capitán Pistacho, and every sailor in life, I’ve had to try to stay the course in stormy times and sometimes make the difficult decision to find other unknown routes to reach my destination.

What have you learned at Bee Beer?

Beer has always been one of my hobbies, and at Bee Beer, I discovered a whole world of styles, ingredients, processes, pairings, etc. On the other hand, I’ve learned how, with a lot of love for the brand, and by providing a friendly and honest service, you can go from having loyal customers to true friends almost without realizing it.

What have you dared in or with Bee Beer that you’ve never done before?

Another one of my hobbies’ cooking, but I never looked to work on it because it really intimidated me. At Bee Beer, I dared to face the challenge, managing Debod’s kitchen has been a great experience and continuous learning.

How do you see Bee Beer in 5 years?

I see it offering its experience in other communities in Spain and, why not, in other borders.

How do you see yourself at Bee Beer in 5 years?

Jumping from airport to airport visiting all the branches hahaha.

What is living for you in 3 words?

Enjoy, Share, and Peace of mind.


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