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“Let’s Get A Bee Beer Tatto!”

6 people in the world who have our BeeBeer bee tattooed!

After a long session brewing a Honey Beer, they were a bunch of very proud, very tired guys celebrating their day’s work. And proud as they were, they wanted to immortalize the moment in their skin. They Googled something like: “Beer Honey Bee”, and guess what? They found the quirkiest image of a bottle with wings. The logo our illustrator Jesús Cáceres created for us completely surprised them.

They loved it! They tattooed it!

With the mark of their achievement on their skin, the months passed. And Erin T., one of them, planned her Europe trip, with a layover in Madrid. Upon arrival, she had some time to kill and went walking around her hotel’s neighborhood, Chueca! Suddenly, she noticed the Bee she had tattooed on her arm. Took a picture just for fun, got the courage to knock, and found out that she and friends had tattooed our #BeeBeer logo!

She stuck around for a while, getting some coasters, beers and tell us her funny story about her crazy American friends. Going back home with some of our #BeeBrews to share (thankfully not broken after her travels) with her “fellow Beer Bees”.

Here they are! From left to right:
Nick ( @goat_cheese )
Anthony (no Instagram)
Kylie ( @whoseabird )
Erin, she came to the bar! ( @erinniree )
Daniel ( @simba_paws )
Darrah (the 6th one, not pictured but also no Instagram)

And now they’ll forever be a part of our #BeeFriends! And we couldn’t be more glad to have you, Cheers!

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